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Dec 23 2014 - 
Today we've added possibility to change name. You can do ...
Today we've added possibility to change name. You can do it in account page. Just edit your character and change name. It costs 40 coins.
Dec 20 2014 - 
From today new mounts are avaiable in Marketplace. List of ...
From today new mounts are avaiable in Marketplace. List of mounts: Flamesteed, Tempest, Nethersteed, Desert King, Jade Lion, Winter King, Tombstinger, Jade Pincer, Carpacosaurus and Platesaurian.
Dec 14 2014 - 
Due to some problems with client we are working on ...
Due to some problems with client we are working on update to version 10.54. We will migrate to this version in next week.
Dec 13 2014 - 
With today's update the stamina of players will be regenerated ...
With today's update the stamina of players will be regenerated to full. Have fun!
Dec 06 2014 - 
The Santa Claus have visited Reptera World. If you were ...
The Santa Claus have visited Reptera World. If you were good this year, you can ask him for present in Thais Depo.
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IP: | Port: 7171 | Client Version: 10.51 - 10.54

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Jan 17 2015 -
 No Updates
s you can see from 2 weeks I'vent been online for long time. I also didnt made bigger update from this. I want to apologize for it, but I don't have enough time to make something bigger. I have many exams on studies and till 5 February server will not have bigger update. I hope, that you understand me. After this date I will back to work on Cast System and new protocol update. I also don't wanna make an impression, that I don't care about server.

e want to announce first contest on Reptera. We have forgot to make it 2 weeks ago, but I hope, that you will take part in this! So... House Contest - if you want to take part in this, you have to make screenshot of your decorated house! Remember, that only house on screen will be rated. Then you have to send e-mail to with this screenshot. The contest will be active from 18 January till 5 February. We wish all luck and having fun!

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Jan 03 2015 -
 Patch 1.3 - Contest
ontest on Reptera? Yes! We want to organise house contest on Reptera. More information will be given with tomorrow's news.

List of changes:
  • Spells: utori san, utori mort, utori vis, utori pox, utori flam, utori kor are now dealing corrected damage.

  • We have lowered paladin's damage. Now they are not so overpowered.

  • Fixed many map bugs in Farmine, Port Hope and Oramond.

  • Added possibiliy to digg gooey mass in Gray Island. Also this item is working fine.

  • From now there is possibility to make Dream Warden Addons. Basic outfit is free. For addons you need Dream Warden Mask and Dream Warden Claw.

  • We have fixed ultimate healing rune formula. Now only magic vocation can heal players for bigger amount health than 600+.

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    Dec 23 2014 -
     Patch 1.2 - New Protocol
    ith today's server save we have changed something on the server:

  • Protocol 10.54, now you can use also Tibia Client 10.54 without any debugs. It is available to download in our download section. Also we recommend to download updated ip changer with MultiClient and patch to client version.

  • We added missing quest - Top of the City Quest. You can take this quest from Iriana in Yalahar.

  • Fixed many map bugs.

  • Added some missions of Oramond Quest, it still in development, so be patient. In this week it will be fully working.

  • We have added bug tracker on our site. Now you can offline report bug to us and wait for answer. So don't wait, if you see something wrong, message us!

  • From now only Sorcerers and Druids above 30 level can use portals to enchant ruby's.

  • Added possibility to use Unrealized Dream to get Prison Key's. From tomorrow there will be possibility to use them in Prison to fight with Prison Bosses.

  • Fixed some quests for outfits. Now there is not necessary to do outfit quest for them.

  • Soon we will add new system to our page - Polls. We wanna ask players about somethings without any post on forum or in game. Everyone will can choose the best answer for him. We also got big planes for future of Reptera. We like, that players like to play on this and we don't care, that there are only 10 - 30 players online. We still want update this and work on it. Now we want to fully finish Oramond Island and repair all bugs reported by players. Then we want update server to 10.70 with new areas. We hope, that you like our plans! Also we search for a mapper to help us with custom content, that we want to add in future.

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    Dec 13 2014 -
     Winter Update
    oday we have update server to client version 10.53. You can download our Client 10.53 (you don't have to use ip changer) or use tibia client 10.51 - 10.53 with our IP Changer.

    New update create new possibilites. We make list things to do in future. We will update them to work very good. We want to add possibility to kill Roshamuul Bosses, add all quest on Oramond and many others. We hope we won't lose our willingness to work on server and Reptera will be still updated.

    As you can see now you need client 10.53. It means that, we updated a lot of things. We fixed some map bugs. Oramond is now with new sprites. Every monsters here is looking like in client 10.5+. We have also added new items like Glooth Axe, Glooth Club... You can loot them from monsters in Oramond. We still didn't add Oramond Quest, but we will work on it in this week. We also plan to update server to 10.70, but we need some time.

    We also made some fixes on site. On 15th December there will be added Bug Tracker to site. Then we will add Statistic of bugs reported by any players and Highscores. Every week player with the biggest list of confirmed bugs will receive a present. More will be inluced with tomorrow's news...

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