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Hello Players!
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Aug 21 2014 -
About Casts

Currently we are working on Live Streams system. It takes much time to create it and later fix all bugs. We got now around 90% of this system. We think, that we will introduce it to game in next weekend or week. Also we have fixed somethings now.

The biggest change is, that we changed Red Skull. Now you will have Red Skull after 5 unjustified kills, not after 4. Also stamina system were corrected. Now you receive 1 min. of normal stamina for 1 min. offline and 1 min. of premium stamina for 4 min. offline. We think, that these changes are fine, and all will be happy.

We have also fixed paladin damage. Now he hit more regularly and better. So paladins, go fight!

Reptera Team

Aug 17 2014 -
First Update

Hello Reptera Players!
We've made first update on server:

* Added missing box in Geomancer Quest
* Fixed a lot of map bugs
* Added Yohnny to depo Thais (Floor - 1). He is buying all items Djinn's and Rashid
* Fixed some loots of monsters
* Added possibility to loot Amazon Set from Orc Raid, it's also including Silver and Gold Raid Token. But it's now only tested

We also working on new futures, like Oramond tunnels under city and Cast System. It will be probably introduced in next week!

Reptera Team

Aug 15 2014 -
Before Start

We know, that some of you can have problems with connecting to our server. If you have this problem, you probably should download this IP Changer, then all will work fine. We also got some presents for first people logged on Reptera. Stay on server, and wait for your present!

Reptera Team

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